About Us

About BestSooner

As a foreign trade company specializing in women's wear, BestSooner remains one of the top apparel manufacturers in China for Cut & Sew Knits and sweaters. In terms of supply chain, BestSooner has grown from small family workshop to a professional factory and advanced equipment. And also integrates nearly 20 other factories to support flexible production, capacity and production diversity. In terms of customer cooperation, our concept of cooperation is sincerity and stability, and we pursue long-term cooperation. In terms of system construction, BestSooner has not only established a complete and efficient workflow, but also established a company system that motivates employees. In terms of employees, BestSooner always adheres to the concept of ''Everyone Matters'' and strives to create opportunities and well-being for employees, release their potential and help them create outstanding performance.


Dennis | At the beginning of the business, Dennis's factory was caught in a strange circle of vicious price competition. The extremely low price attracted many customers, but the quality of the factory products was declining and the delivery speed was no longer the same. Dennis quickly discovered these problems. He believed that the customer relationship maintained at a very low price is not reliable. Quality of the products, fast delivery speed, and reasonable price are the keys to long-term cooperation. Dennis quickly found a balance between the three and the company was on the right track with slowly developing a group of long-term customers. The meaning of BestSooner is derived from this: Providing customers with the best products at the fastest speed!

BestSooner Recent Development

BestSooner is a traditional foreign trade company in women's wear. Recently, the company has two directions: one is e-commerce, the company has passed the Alibaba Gold Supplier certification; the second is the extension, the company is preparing to develop men's wear, children's wear, accessories and other categories.

Sincerity and Stability

Our concept of cooperation is sincerity and stability. Sincerely represent our attitude and stability represent our long-term cooperation with customers.

Product is The Key

For the quality of our products, we have strict control and strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Because we believe that the trade brought by quality products is sustainable.

Everyone Matters

At BestSooner, employees' opportunities and benefits have always been a concern for the company. The company's system has many designs in motivating employees because everyone matters.